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TOPIC: Pakistan on QO 100 (Qatar Oscar Geostationary )

Pakistan on QO 100 (Qatar Oscar Geostationary ) 2 years 4 months ago #447

Pakistan on QO 100 satellite
Finally we have made to QO100 (Qatar Oscar) Geostationary satellite. The quest to get on it started way back in 2019. The RX setup was immediately put on air by our 2 Dexter Doctors, AP2SM Dr Mobasher and Dr Waqar. The Tx or uplink was an issue and it was decided that since the upconverter is expensive hence we will make the upconverter locally here. Unfortunately we couldn’t get our shipments on time via Ali express and the whole project got delayed due to Covid restrictions.
It was recently that upconverter was procured, with the help of AP2EE (Nashit) , that we decided to speed up the process. 2 back to back weekends were utilized however we couldn’t make it till the satellite due to various reasons. Every time we learned something new and every time we kept on rectifying our previous mistakes. Helical antenna was a major challenge and Dr Waqar took the challenge for making a good gain Helical antenna. Within 1 week Dr Waqar was able to make 3 antennas with different gains. The SWR on all 3 was too perfect (1.09) on VNA.
We tried all the 3 antennas and we could communicate easily with Europe and UK on them. The moment we were on air there was a massive pileup of Radio Amateurs from around the world. The word was out that AP station is on QO 100.
Nevertheless what a rewarding day it was. I would like to thank Dr Waqar, Dr Mobasher AP2SM, and Mubeen AP2AJM for their continued support in making AP Hams capable to get on QO100.



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