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TOPIC: Upgrading existing Repeater setup

Upgrading existing Repeater setup 4 years 9 months ago #443

Since years we have been having issues with our repeater setup despite trying on various fronts to stabilize our setup. Every few months and we were running up to the repeater to see what has happened to it. Mainly the PSU would have taken the hit from voltage surge damaging it beyond repairs. Many a times our repeater got fried and had to be sent to labs for repairs. Sadly In Last 5 years we have had 3 burnt repeaters and multiple power supply units failures.

It was only last month that we were able to pin point the source of surge and interestingly and frustratingly it turned out to be atmospheric static entering the main 220 Volts power lines through neutral.

The plan was to make our repeater setup free from any dependencies and away from these surges. Though the location is such that it cannot be made 100% surge free.

3 teams were constituted and each was given a task to conclude.

• Team A was to install Solar Panel (285 watts) on the roof of the building.
• Team B was to remove the old antenna setup, install new Mast with new antenna, ground the entire pole and setup by putting an independent ground/earth.
• Install repeater, battery, charge controller and cavity filter in a newly made enclosure.

The tasks started at around 9 am and concluded around 9 pm. Radio Amateurs and SWLs from Islamabad, Abbottabad and other cities participated in the activity. Special thanks to ground support from Peshawar, Abottabad and Islamabad. Sharing some pics of the activity.
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