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Who can become a HAM & how ??

Amateur Radio operators come from all the walks of life - entertainers, missionaries, doctors, lawyers, ministers, politicians, and just plain students, workers and retired folks. They are of all ages, sexes, income levels and nationalities. Whether they prefer Morse code on an old brass telegraph key through a low-power transmitter, voice communication on a hand-held radio, or computer messages transmitted through satellites, they all have an interest in what's happening in the world, and they use radio to reach out to communicate with other fellow radio amateurs. Any one can be a HAM Radio operator, no matter what age, gender or physical ability one has. Millions of HAMs around the world are operating on the air. There is no limit!

How will you become  a HAM

Amateur radio is the premier high-tech services/hobby. It's enjoyed by people from all walks of life from around the world. The rules for becoming an amateur (ham) radio operator vary from country to country around the world. On this page we're going to tell you how you can obtain the necessary license to operate in the Pakistan.
It's never been so easy to get into ham radio. All ham radio operators must be licensed before they can legally operate.

Your have to fellow three following steps.

STEP 1 - Obtaining PARS Membership

One has to acquire PARS membership as Short Wave Listener (SWL) to start the process for obtaining Amateur Radio Lincese from PTA.


PARS Membership FormSWL Form v1 2024 to be submitted  to regional co-ordinator with;

SWL Membership procedure HA

PARS membership is mendatory for PTA license

Step 2 - Application for Amateur Radio License


The applicant (Individual) for the license under these regulations shall :
(a) be a Pakistani citizen;
(b) not be less than 18 years of the age;
(c) be able to communicate in English;

(d) have SWL membership of PARS

A test & interview will be conducted by PTA (Pakistan Telecommunication Authority) and successful candidates will be issued with a license.

After having successful intorduction to HAM activies as SWL member, one can apply for Amateur Radio License. Following documents (in triplicate) must be attached with this application form.

The applicant is required to submit proposal comprising of two sets whereas each set must contain the following documents:

  1. Prescribed Application Form
  2. Affidavit prescribed in PARS membership form (SWL Form V7.1 above)
  3. Letter of intent
  4. National Identity Card.
  5. Two passport size photographs of the applicant.
  6. List of equipment including lay-out sketch of the antenna.
  7. Sketch of the exact geographical location so that the station is easily approachable by the PTA Inspector.
  8. Any other certificate/testimonial which can support the case for grant of Amateur License.
  9. Certificate of clearance of antecedents from the local Police.
  10. Proof of membership of Pakistan Amateur Radio Society (PARS).
S.No License Service Description View Online Download
1. Amateur Citizens of Islamic Republic of Pakistan Download
Societies, Clubs, Schools, Colleges and University duly recognized by the Government of Pakistan Download
SOP for Issuance of Amateur Radio License Download
Terms and Conditions Download
Syllabus and details of written test n interview Download


A test & interview will be conducted by PTA to examin the ability of the candidate for Amateur Radion License.

After necessary procession, PTA will issue a demand note to deposite Rs. 450 (processing fee plus 5 years license fee). Amount of  Rs.450/- shall be payable through a Pay Order or a Bank Draft in favor of Pakistan Telecom Authority , Islamabad NIDA A/c 30-6, National Bank of Pakistan, Jinnah Avenue Branch (Opposite American Express), Blue Area, Islamabad.


Procedure for Renewal of License