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TOPIC: Thal Desert Rally 2022 under PARS

Thal Desert Rally 2022 under PARS 1 year 6 months ago #449

This week PARS participated in Thal desert jeep rally to provide vital communication support to the rally. PARS team worked alongside local and regional authorities to give minute by minute updates of the race drivers as they crossed each check point. PARS team consisted of 12 members from various cities.

AP2AUM Asad Marwat (Islamabad)
AP2RA Riaz Ahmed (Multan)
AP2MHC Dr Hamid Chaudry (Multan)
AP2MRC Musawar Rehman (Multan)
ARS Papa Salman Parvez (Lahore)
ARS TQ Dr. Talha Tariq (Multan)
ARS Serria Lima Mazhar Shah (Layyah)
ARS Delta Tango Daud Tahir (Multan)
ARS Echo Alpha Ehtesham Abbasi (Islamabad)
ARS Alpha Zulu Abdullah Zahid (Lahore)
AP2MO Mohammad Ullah ( Islamabad)
ARS SU Sana Ullah ( Islamabad)

The team members were assigned to their respective checkpoint (CPs) from which they relayed every race car Which crossed from that respected checkpoint to a central control station. PARS had established a crossband repeater at the rally's start point, as a back up, which was connected to Multan analog repeater, furthermore each check point team was connected to the crossband repeater thus having a solid communication network established between all members in the field . Each check point was equipped with a base station radios and several hand helds for local communication . Spares base station radios were kept at each site in the unfortunate case if a primary base station radio was to to go down. PARS had also fitted its cars with mobile radios for on the move communication.This three day exercise was a adrenaline filled adventure for the team, which helped in team building and understanding the vitality of communication in such environments. PARS team helped out dirt bike racers as well when they were injured at one of the check point. PARS called in rescue services to help the bikers and provide medical assistance. PARS team was also instrumental in removing a rolled over vehicle from the track and recovered the driver and navigator from the vehicle just before the Finish line paving the way for other rally vehicles to cross over without waisting precious time.

The efforts of the team were praised by the TDCP, Racers and their respective teams. PARS team was presented with awards at the closing event.

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write up credit. Abdullah Zahid
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