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Aaj TV Feature Program highlights the role Pakistan Amateur Radio Society played during natural disasters and efforts of PARS in creating awareness about the importance of emergency preparedness and Amateur...



Echolink Nodes AP2ARS ALLSTARLINK NODE 50249 with DMR Gateway DMR BM Talkgroup 410331 Hose line (Live audio): AP2CJ AllStarLink NODE 48092 Refresh page to get updated status


Raspberry Pi for Amateur Radio

AP2AUM Raspberry Pi for Amateur Radio Interfacing a UV5R Baofeng with a Raspberry PI 3 running Svxlink. Primary use is for an Echolink node connecting to a local repeater....

SPECIAL ISS SSTV AWARD ! ( 24 to 31 december )
This will be a special SSTV event to celebrate the 20th anniversary of ARISS on board the International Space Station. The event is scheduled to begin on December 24 at 16:40 UTC and continue through December 31 ending at 18:15 UTC. Dates/Times are subject to change due to ISS operational adjustments. 
Images will be downlinked at 145.800 MHz +/- 3 KHz for Doppler shift and the expected SSTV mode of operation is PD 120.
Radio enthusiasts participating in the event can post images they receive at the ARISS SSTV Gallery at . 
After your image is posted at the gallery, you can acquire a special award by linking to and follow directions for submitting a digital copy of your received image.

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Solar Terrestrial Data

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39th Annual General ...

Written By Khalid Shoaib AP2MKS on Saturday, 07 July 2007 14:54

39th Annual General Meeting 2010 39th AGGM of PARS will be held on 14th March, 2010. All participants wishing to make a presentation or display are requested to...

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42nd Annual General ...

Written By AP2CJ on Friday, 05 April 2013 03:52

Pakistan Amateur Radio Society AGMPakistan Amateur Radio Society’s 42nd AGM will be held on 31th March 2013 (Sunday) 10:00 AM Download P.A.R.S Newsletter Issue 42

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43rd Annual General ...

Written By AP2CJ on Wednesday, 05 March 2014 20:45

Dear Respected Members, Pakistan Amateur Radio Society’s 43rd AGM will be held on 30th March 2014 (Sunday) 10:00 AM at house no.30, street no 28, F 6/1, Islamabad (Residence...

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