Friday, July 01, 2022

P.A.R.S Members Flood Relief Efforts


P.A.R.S Members Flood Reliefe Efforts

We need your support

Monsoon rains in the past few weeks in Pakistan are followed by disastrous floods that were never seen in the last eight decades in some regions.  These floods have impacted millions of Pakistanis who need help from the international community with providing food, clean drinking water, shelter and medical aid.




PARS members, in partnership with Islamabad Jeep Club has initiated a relief mission to help the s uffering population,
PARS members and IJC are raising funds through their efforts and will provide essential relief supplies to the families affected by these floods.


Until now, more than 1500 people have lost their lives, thousands of villages and town are destroyed and more than 4.5 million people are left homeless or displaced in the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Province in the Northwest.  Due to large scale destruction of roads and bridges, relief agencies are finding it difficult to reach the areas where people are still stranded.  Once communication with those areas is established, authorities are expecting a high number of fatalities.


In the second week of the disaster, floods are spreading to the Provinces of Punjab, Sindh and Balochistan, along with the Kashmir region where thousands of villages are destroyed and the situation is worsening with continued monsoon rains.

We need your help to support our disaster relief efforts. Your financial donations will help provide immediate relief and save lives!

Please support the efforts of PARS members and IJC by contributing to our disaster relief activities.





Raise Awareness

Do your part by spreading the word about PARS members and IJC disaster response efforts. It is as simple as changing your Facebook status.

Areas Targeted:
1- Pashtun Garhi & Pir Sabak, District Nowshera
2- Dharkhanawalla, District Sargodha
3- Mera Prang, Charsada
Planned Relief Work for individual Areas

1- Pashtun Garhi & Pir Sabak

Location: 34° 01’ 13.94”N 71° 49’ 54.96”E
Approximate number of affected people – 14000 to 16000

Immediate Requirements’:
a- Tents
b- Food
c- Drinkable Water

2- Dharkhanawalla
Location: 31°50'10.90"N 72°19'33.36"E

Approximate number of affected people- The town itself has not been affected but 10s of villages east of it are under water.

Immediate Requirements:
a- Food

3- Mera Prang
Location: 34° 7'36.51"N 71°46'31.48"E
Approximate number of affected people: 300 familes
Immediate Requirement:
a- Tents




P.A.R.S Members Flood Relief Efforts

Nasir Khan AP2NK (President, PARS)
Add: H# 30 , Street 28 , Shalimar F-6/1 Islamabad
Phone:+92 (0)300 5230052 or +92 (0)51 2273755
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Muhammad Khalid Shoaib   AP2MKS
Phone:+92 (0)333 5106595
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Asadullah Marwat   AP2AUM
Phone:+92 (0)300 8529852
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