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.A.R.S History

Historical QSL CARDS


VU2BJ 1947 Pakistan
was part of India until August 14, 1947.
From the estate of W3GHS / W3NZ


AP2N 1949 Pakistan
From the estate of W8UAS


AP5B 1950 Pakistan
Courtesy of SP2DX


AP4A 1951 Pakistan
From the estate of W4JDR


AP2K 1953 Pakistan
Courtesy of SP2DX


AP2U 1955 Pakistan
QSL card from the estate of Les Moxon G6XN
Famous antenna designer and author.



AP2MI 1964 Dacca, East Pakistan
AP: EAST Pakistan (Capital: Dacca) , now Bangladesh (S2)
Courtesy of G8VOQ


AP5HQ 1970 Pakistan
From the estate of W1CNU


AP2SD Shahid Masud 

23 March, 1996